What Are The Different Types Of Diets?

What Are The Different Types Of Diets?

Before any dietary plan, you should ask yourself, what is food? Sounds funny, right? Yes! Food is any substance eaten by living things. Not only that it includes what we eat alone but what we drink. Here, our significant priority is on the type of diets. There exist many types, but we are keen to explain the best.

From health, fitness to weight-loss diets, and many others, the benefits of diet can not be overemphasized. Besides, there’s no-one dietary plan that works best for anybody. So, you’ll have to choose the ones that seem comfortable for you. Are you ready to become a fitness influencer?

 Or probably you’re looking for the right diet guide that’d keep you fit and stay healthy in this pandemic? After reading this article, you’ll get the right answer. Meanwhile, research made it known that an estimated 45 million people go on a diet over the years. At the same time, weight management amounted to $288 billion in 2020.

With this estimated result, it’s high time you engaged yourself in one dietary plan. There are lots of fad diets out there; therefore, be wary of the ones to choose from. Some examples include; intermittent fasting, paleo diets, and many others. Wait! Don’t rush as we are here to explain all you need to know.

However, we will walk you through the different types of diets. Aside from that, you’ll understand the things you need for a balanced diet. More so, our explanation will cover the types of food you should avoid during your dieting plans or process. I’m sure you’d love to know more, read further to get the details.

Top 7 Types of Diet to Know

It’s no doubts that there are different types of diets in today’s world. In fact, many expertises nearly disclose new dietary plans each year. Regardless, we will walk you through the popular ones in this 21st century. While some are meant for losing weight, others help human to live a healthy life. Check it out now!

different types of diets

1.       Keto Diet Plan

The ketogenic dietary plan is high in fat diet, and it offers a series of health benefits. Studies have shown that a keto diet plan helps in weight loss, diabetes, cancer, epilepsy, and many others. The process involves a drastic reduction in carbohydrate intake, and instead, it replaces the food classes with fat.

At the same time, there are different types of ketogenic diets. They include; standard ketogenic diet (SKD), Cyclical ketogenic diet (CKD), Targeted ketogenic diet (TKD), and High protein ketogenic diet. To know more about the ketogenic dietary plan, take a look at the characteristics/features below.

  • Reducing the risk factors of heart disease
  • It explores an additional treatment for cancer and epilepsy
  • Studies revealed that it reduces Parkinson’s disease
  •  Ketogenic diet help to reduce insulin levels
  • Studies found that it can also improve the outcomes of brain injuries
  • Keto diet also helps to reduce the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease
  • It provides an adequate amount of protein to the body

Foods to Avoid On Keto Diet Plan

For you to have a healthy keto dietary plan, here is the food list to avoid or limit its consumption.

  • Avoid sugary content like fruit juice, candy, creams, and more
  • Stay away from beans or legumes consumption like lentils, peas, and others
  • Avoid total consumption of barbecue sauce, mayonnaise, and salad dressings
  • Reduce the intake of alcohol like beer, mixed drinks, and more
  • Stay away from low-fat diet products and grains as well

2.       Intermittent Fasting Strategy

Intermittent fasting is a type of diet that cycles between specific periods without eating. This type of dietary plan is natural and does work to reduce calorie intake. In a review of studies, this diet strategy causes weight loss and improves the individual state of health.

Additionally, intermittent fasting has a different plan. Some involve the 16/8 method, 5:2 diet plan, eat-stop-eat methods, while others are alternate-day fasting and the warrior diet. Regardless of the method you prefer, it would always bring positive results. Below are the benefits of intermittent fasting.

  • This type of diet is proven to change the function of cells and hormones
  • It helps to reduce belly fat as well as weight loss
  • Intermittent fasting can also reduce stress and body inflammation
  • It is also beneficial for the reduction of heart disease
  • Intermittent fasting also prevent cancer and Alzheimer’s disease
different types of diets

3.       Atkins Dietary Plan

The Atkins dietary plan has its own unique approach to dieting. This is because; its principal focus is to control insulin levels in the body. In the past years, studies have shown that the Atkins diet is an excellent dietary plan to reduce weight loss. Besides, they are a great way to increase protein intake.

Additionally, the Atkins diet is divided into four different phases. Phase 1 is for induction, while; phase 2 is for balancing. Meanwhile, the phase 3 and 4 are the fine-turning and maintenance stage. The phase may be quite complicated, but it showcases the result of the Atkins diet plan. Below are the benefits of the Atkins diet.

  • It improves willpower and strengthens energy
  • You’ll feel more focused after engaging in the Atkins diet
  • After you’ve completed the adaption period, you’ll see a significant lift in your stamina level
  • It is used to control insulin and blood sugar level
  • Atkins diet plan enhances cognitive performance

4.       Vegan Diet Plan

The vegan diet plan is more preferable when it comes to healthy living. It is also one of the best of the different types of diets for weight loss. If you’re planning to embrace this diet, you should avoid eating animal-based products. Examples include honey, egg, and many more. This is because; vegans believed that modern intensive farming is bad for consumption. The benefits include the following.

  • It allows vegans to have a better heart health
  • A vegan diet can be used to control weight loss
  • They are less likely to get diabetes
  • It takes total control of high blood pressure
  • A vegan diet enables you to have less chance of becoming obese
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5.       Zone Diet Plan

When it comes to zone diet plans, the insulin level is the main emphasis. It is more subjected to reducing weight loss, body weight, and other approaches. They contribute to more extraordinary athletic performance and also reduce high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes.

On the flip side, the zone diet focuses on balancing the intake of protein and carbohydrates. Not only that it helps with balancing, but it also reduces inflammation. Besides, it encourages a healthy lifestyle. To understand a bit about this type of diet, check the benefits below.

  • It enhances health and improves energy
  • The zone diet plan decrease inflammation and improve mental state
  • It allows you to eat a wide variety of foods
  • Zone diet reduces weight loss and helps to achieve one goal
  • It encourages the consumption of fruits and foods

6.       Mediterranean Diet Plan

The Mediterranean diet plan focuses more on nutritional habits. The emphasis of this type of diet is on plant food and fresh fruits. Research confirmed that it could cause weight loss and also help to prevent heart attacks. While planning this type of diet, below are the unhealthy foods to avoid.

  • Refined oils and grains
  • Processed sausage and meat
  • Anything that contains sugary content like candies and more
  • Margarine and food that are labeled low fat
  • It increases longevity without health adversity
  • Mediterranean diet prevents age-related decline lungs
  • It also prevents muscle from damage


  • It gives room for long life and wellness
  • Reduces heart disease and heartbreaks
  • Mediterranean diet prevents cognitive disease
  • It also helps in weight loss and maintenance
  • Eating and embracing this type of diet help to ease depression level
different types of diets

7.       Paleo Diet Plan

The Paleo diet strategy is the last type of diet on our list. It has a lot of benefits to human existence. With the Paleo diet, you can eat the first food human ate as of the time they roamed the planet. It is a modern fad diet that offers good healthiness to life. It also works perfectly for diabetes and other related diseases.

Research also suggests that this type of diet could build physical activity and social relationships. It has been in existence for the past decades but still active in terms of its performance. It is suitable for the heart and, at the same time, useful for the brain. Below are the benefits of the Mediterranean diet plan in today’s world.

  • Mediterranean diet stabilized blood sugar consumption/level
  • It reduces the rate of cancer and other heart diseases
  • This type of diet promotes healthy weight development in the body system
  • It prevents diabetes and controls the consumption of fat
  • Mediterranean diet also control sugar level in the body


As said earlier, there are tons of diets proven by experts. But you should ask yourself, what dieting plan is right for you? Answering this question will help you in choosing the one that seems comfortable. Nonetheless, all you need for a balanced diet is to eat good food, fruits and engage in any of the different types of diets listed above.

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